Auto Driveaways’ first customers were automobile leasing companies needing their cars moved to distant locations. Seasonal vehicle transportation to and from Florida and other southern destinations quickly became the backbone of Auto Driveaway. Within eight years, the company’s network expanded to 25 offices throughout the country and the headquarters moved to Chicago.

1966 became another turning point when Auto Driveaway was granted Interstate Commerce Commission authority. Also that year, the first office in Canada officially opened and many Fortune 500 companies became regular customers. Our I.C.C. licensed authority later expanded to include truck transportation services to both government and private industry. The Department of Transportation recently assumed the I.C.C.’s previous authority, and, after required evaluation, Auto Driveaway is now a D.O.T. approved carrier.

The ’90’s have introduced new services of licensing, titling, and maintenance/reconditioning as well as storage. Over the years, Auto Driveaway has earned a high reputation for vehicle transportation as well as fleet shipping and fleet management services, using competent professional drivers for private and commercial customers from small independent businesses to corporations spanning the globe.

In the age of technology, we are now offering AD Fleet Solutions. We help you manage your vehicle shipping services by providing you the ability to get quotes, submit orders and track your vehicle’s delivery status on-line.

Today, our complete line of auto transportation services includes private and commercial vehicle transportation, fleet shipping, fleet management, truck transportation, federal and government vehicle shipping. All our vehicle transportation methods include door-to-door delivery as well as insurance protection for the unexpected.

As the factor of time has become more critical, the need for expedited vehicle transportation services has increased. With 40 offices strategically located across the U.S. in the largest traffic markets, we’re always where you need us. Since the beginning, Auto Driveaway has remained in the forefront developing prompt, cost-effective service and remains one of the oldest vehicle carriers today.

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