How It Works

Vehicle Shipping Walkthrough
Auto Driveaway strive to make shipping a vehicle as fast, easy and convenient as possible for our customers. We have made the process as simple as possible by outlining the five steps in our process so you know what to expect with your shipment. Once you have scheduled your shipment, you will receive a tracking number in which you will have access to real-time tracking of your vehicle.

  1. Receive your free shipping quote immediately. You can get your free shipping quote online, or, you are also able to get a quote by phone by speaking with one of our pricing specialists.
  1. Schedule your shipment. To add convenience to our process, we offer scheduling of a shipment online, or if you prefer, you can also schedule your appointment by phone.
  1. Get a carrier assigned to you. A member of our dispatch department will assign a carrier to your shipment and you will get an automatic update of the projected pickup and delivery dates after the pickup has been scheduled
  1. Your vehicle is picked up. You will be contacted by the driver to make the arrangements for picking up your vehicle. There will be a thorough inspection of your vehicle by you and the driver and you will sign to make sure everything is documented and accurate. Your vehicle will then be loaded onto the carrier.
  1. Your vehicle is delivered. You will be contacted by the driver to make arrangements for delivery before the vehicle arrives. The vehicle will be unloaded and there will be a final inspection to make sure that the vehicle is in the same condition as to when it was picked up. Any remaining balance will be paid at this time to the driver.
  2. Free Estimate the Cost to Ship Your Car
    No matter what the reason is for moving your car, Auto Driveaway will safely deliver your car to your door. There is such ease in utilizing this service. For more information, you can look at our FAQ page or you can contact us by calling 800-346-2277.

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