College Car Shipping

College is an incredibly exciting time in a young person’s life, but with the many things to consider with moving, the thought of moving a car can be daunting. Auto Driveaway offers car shipping services to help our customers when they are moving to college. We can guarantee that your car will be delivered safely and quickly to your college, eliminating your stress and worry about getting it there by yourself.

Our customers have great trust in us because of our vast experience in the automotive transport industry. We take great pride in helping out customers to have their car delivered to their college safely and efficiently.

Hassle-Free Car Shipping for College Students

The benefits of using Auto Driveaway’s college car shipping are:

Estimate the Cost to Ship Your Car         

No matter what the reason is for moving your car, Auto Driveaway will safely deliver your car to your door. There is such ease in utilizing this service. For more information, you can look at our FAQ page or you can contact us by calling 800-346-2277.

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