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Ray Laprade, Senior Vice President of Technology, Auto Driveaway Team

Ray LaPrade – Senior Vice President of Technology

In his role as Senior Vice President of Technology, Ray oversees all aspects of technology and infrastructure, including security and software development.

His primary focus is enhancing the company’s operational software, particularly Auto Driveaway’s Transportation Management System (TMS), with an emphasis on modernizing client and customer-facing features.

Ray firmly believes that technology systems are tools that serve as the backbone of Auto Driveaway’s efficiency and productivity, as well as differentiators that contribute to client satisfaction and retention. Ray is renowned for his innovative approach, boasting a proven track record of implementing inventive solutions in the logistics sector. His ability to think beyond conventional boundaries and formulate strategies that consistently add value to internal and external stakeholders guides his approach to Auto Driveaway’s technology roadmap.

Prior to joining the team, he held technology leadership roles within the trucking and supply chain industries.